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Yaktrax Run Traction Cleats 2022 Review


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I love running outside, but living in Chicago makes it impossible to safely run outside year round due to snow and ice. Cue the Taktrax run traction cleats. This miracle running accessory easily slides on over your running shoes and gives you the traction needed for running in snow, ice, and slush.

You can purchase the Yaktrax on Amazon.com, Yaktrax.com, REI.com, or RoadRunnerSports.com for around $40.

My Taktrax Run in the snow.

Comfort and Fit

Overall the sizing is accurate and the fit is nice and snug. The Yaktraxs never feel like they are falling off or loose even though you are putting a ton of pressure and stress on them while running. There is a single adjustable strap (see the image below) on the top that you can loosen or tighten to make sure they are a snug fit.

The Yaktraxs feel comfortable too. You can definitely feel them when they are no but it does not impact the running too much. When running you can hear and feel the crunch from the spikes and metals on the ground which you get used to after a short time.

The strap on the top is velcro and adjustable for a snug fit.

One thing that is a bit awkward is running on cement or other hard surfaces with these Yaktrax. There can be some balance issues and the spikes/metal grinding on the hard running surface does not sound good. I’ve done this a few times since during most runs you are switching between snow covered surfaces, ice, and some areas that are clear of snow. I don’t see it as a big issue if you’re only running on non-snow covered surfaces for a short period of time.

The Yaktrax are also pretty easy to put on. There are clearly marked labels for “toe” (see image below) as well as left and right foot. I also find it easier to put the toe in first and then stretch the heel part over the back of your shoe.

The place for your shoe toe is clearly marked.
View of the Yaktrax from the top and bottom. They fold up pretty easy for storage.


As for sizing, there are four different sizes ranging from small to x-large. I wear a 12.5 mens running shoe and the large fit perfectly for me, so the sizing seems to be pretty accurate.

Sizing chart is pretty accurate, sizes range from small – XL.

The Traction

The traction on the bottom of the shoe is perfect for running. At the front of the Yaktrax are give spikes that stabilize during the initial step, since this is the part of the foot that usually comes down first. In the back are metal springs that further provide stabilization when your heel goes down in your stride. These pieces are replaceable if they wear down but I have not experienced that yet.

The traction on the bottom of the Taktrax works well with both spikes and metal coils for stabilization.

Running on Ice

There is one small con to mention, I personally found them to be iffy on solid ice. The traction works best for soft ice (think more slush) and packed snow. The spikes will dig into ice and allow for stablization, but don’t work as well on solid ice where they arent able to gain enough traction. When I’m running with my Taktrax I usually slow down or walk carefully when I see solid ice coming up.

You can purchase the Yaktrax on Amazon.com, Yaktrax.com, REI.com, or RoadRunnerSports.com for around $40.

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