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Top Triathlon Cycling Shoes Reviewed – 2022 Guide

Triathlon cycling shoes (or Tri cycling shoes) are similar to other forms of a racing cycling shoe, with automatic binding cleats (clipless) that snap the cyclist’s feet to the pedals. The development of triathlon competitions has led to the birth of a whole range of functional clothing and equipment, including triathlon shoes.

ShoesBest FeatureBuy
1.Louis Garneau Tri X-Speed IVBest Overall Triathlon Cycling ShoesRead Review
2.Fizik TEMPO OVERCURVE R5Most Advanced Triathlon ShoeRead Review
3.Shimano SH-TR9Most Comfortable Cycling ShoeRead Review
4.Pearl Izumi Tri Fly SELECT v6Best Value Triathlon Cycling ShoeRead Review

A triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving swimming, cycling, and running. Therefore, the shoes needed for triathlons are classified into two categories: cycling and running – and both have individual designs to fit the competition. For the bike you need a pair of shoes that help you reach the peak of your ability and also makes you comfortable on a long ride.

Top Four Cycling Shoes for Triathlons

There are so many kinds of cycling shoes for you to choose in the marketplace. Each pair has specific features that will help improve performance and comfort.

1. Best Overall Triathlon Cycling Shoes – Louis Garneau Tri X-Speed IV

Mens – No products found. at Amazon.com
$142.99 at Garneau.com
$142.99 at Garneau.com

Our top pick for triathlon shoe is the Louis Garneau Tri X-Speed IV due to it’s comfortable fit, arch support, and the ability to remove the shoe quickly during transition . At a reasonable price, this shoe will take you to the end of the ride smoothly. The outsole consists of synthetic nylon and brings an excellent rigidity, connected with the Ergo Air Blue insole for a comfortable ventilation. Inside the shoe, the HRS-80 technology holds your feet tight in the shoe in the right place.

For a quick and practical movement, a wide strap assists to let you pull the shoes quickly. Also, the Power Flex system enhances support with no pressure spots and repeat the closure while you are on the bike.


  • It has a high transfer and comfort with the combinations of modern technology.
  • Good arch support and convenient insole
  • The closure arrangement lets you remove it quickly.


  • The heel may hold down, and it is up to the abrasion pads compared to the heel cup shape.

2. Most Advanced Triathlon Shoe – Fizik TEMPO OVERCURVE R5

Womens and Mens – Price not available at Amazon.com
$159.99 at Fizik.com

Arguably one of the best triathlon cycling shoes. In fact, this shoe is created with the concept of utilizing the most qualified materials to match the requirements about a perfect cycling shoe for professional athletes. With the Microtex technology construction for the forefoot it increases the breathability and flexibility.

In fact, this shoe is also equipped with a weather resistant sail cloth Velcro belts. Adding with a loop from the back of the shoe, you can quickly take off as well as assume it.  The nylon carbon outsole which stands out at first look, can reinforce the cycling outsole, makeing it perfect for a pro shoe.

At first sight it looks like a stiff shoe. In reality it’s actually a pretty light shoe. For this reason, the straps are added to ensure the smooth transition of the feet as well as lifting the weight to an average level. Also, the tall heel and correct shape mean the stability is good. The tongue is also designed with soft foam for the ultimate comfort.


  • The Italian style is an adding point for the shoe. You also know the reason why. It is elegant and a little luxurious from the first sight.
  • With all the modern technology and excellent materials, the shoe is very light and comfortable for a triathlon cycling contest.
  • Despite its light weight, it has a very solid sole made from nylon carbon, which can last long during the using time.


  • The colors of the shoe may be less various than other cycling shoes. It has only two primary colors red and gray. There is also another blend, but in general, it will not match anything.

3. Most Comfortable Cycling Shoe – Shimano SH-TR9 Triathlon Cycling Shoe

$200 at Competitive Cyclist
$129.73 at REI.com
$275 at Competitive Cyclist
Price not available at Amazon.com

This cycling shoe is highly rated due to its comfort, simplicity but energetic efficiency and durability. The quality starts from the outsole to the midsole and even the upper and its accessories. Hence, you will be capable of performing your potential strength and ability without worrying about your feet.

This triathlon cycling shoe is an excellent sleek boot. The Shimano selected the best materials to create all the parts of this shoe. The upper, with the light, stretchable artificial leather, comes in premium quality, it will add an ultimate durability that is hard to wear out. Breath-ability is also a big feature because the shoe combines 3D mesh panels to help calm and moisturize the atmosphere inside. For this reason, your feet will always feel clear and dry even you jump out of the water.

Along with the excellent technology is the seamless synthetic lining for the shockproof in the pedal. Also, the single hook-and-loop belt allows you to slide the shoe and for the necessary modification when you’re taking the ride. There is also a heel pull for you to cycle faster, the three-hole cleat that is compatible with the pedal.


  • With such an excellent triathlon cycling shoe, the Shimano triathlon cycling shoe has a reasonable price that’s in the mid-range. It’s not difficult to find an economical shoe like this.
  • The Shimano provides you with the specific pedals for cycling if you want. If the pedal and the shoe combines, it will boost your performance twice.
  • No Velcro. The Velcro causes the inconvenience.


  • The sizing may be limited because it depends on the European sizing.
  • In some cases, the straps can rub against the bike’s crank.

4. Best Value Triathlon Cycling Shoe – Pearl Izumi Tri Fly SELECT v6

Price not available at Amazon.com
$100 at PearIzumi.com
Price not available at Amazon.com
$100 at PearIzumi.com

The Pearl Izumi Tri cycling shoe is remarkable for its two hook and loop enclosures. It’s also known as the 1:1 anatomic tri-closure that can get rid of the hot dots and reduce the pressure on your forefoot. It also enhances the barefoot comfort due to the lined mesh upper combination. The strap on the back of the shoe is very helpful that it helps you take off it naturally.

With the P.R.O power plate ventilation, it will provide you with the coolest atmosphere inside and help your foot dry all the day long. Especially, the upper can be waterproof thanks to the direct-venting and drainage technology. Also, the rubber heel is especially useful for transition, and it has the strong grip which is suitable for walking naturally.

It also attaches an excellent arch support for keeping your gentle feet always feeling comfortable during the ride.


  • Very flexible upper helps a lot in transitioning and pressure.
  • The excellent ventilation makes your feet dry and cool all the long ride
  • It has two hooks and loops enclosure that keeps your feet tight and firm.


  • Its price may be higher than the shoes with the same functions.

Features Of the Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes

The straps

The best triathlon cycling shoes normally have two or fewer velcro straps to serve the purpose of easing the fast speed. The three laces, straps, or any ratcheting buckle given on modern racing shoes. Many triathletes want to leave the shoes clipped into the pedals during the entire race to save their transitions time. Best brands of triathlon cycling shoes with good straps should be Sidi, Scott, Shimano, Giro, Northwave, Specialized (for Women), etc.

The Insoles

The part liner is a perfect combination between power and auxiliary feedback. Feeling when wearing light shoes though still very definitely will help you conquer the distance of the sports competitions coordination. Only one drawback is that if you transition from running to cycling then the tongue easily folded, so you need to adjust accordingly.

Part lining made from the soft material will reduce power when you exercise, some types of shoes have been rid of the layers of fabric hugs the body to increase the lead to solid legs for design. Another thing is to help the user control runs low due to the heel. Many kinds of triathlon cycling shoes will bring comfort when training.

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Joe Obringer
Joe Obringer
Joe Obringer is an former collegiate swimmer in the Big Ten.  He has competed in many triathlons, including Half Ironmans.


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