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Top 7 Cycling Gloves for 2021

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Whether you’re a beginner or advanced cyclist, it is important to be well-equipped to prevent injuries. Our hands are essential. They support our body, promoting balance, stability, and direction. Besides, our hands are in direct contact with the air, the sun, or the rain, which can produce pain. We should also bear in mind that the cushion can prevent injuries if we fall.

In addition to being an essential garment that will provide you with comfort for hours and hours of healthy pedaling, cycling gloves will prevent annoying (and in certain cases, dangerous) sweaty palms. They will help you reduce numbness in the hands and provide the first defense against falls and shocks. There are many good reasons to wear gloves when riding a bike.

However, with so many options in the market, it is hard to decide the best option available. That’s why we narrowed down our search to the best and most affordable cycling gloves for 2021. Ready to learn what the best ones are? Let’s dive in!

7 Best Cycling Gloves

  Helmet Image Best Feature Price
1 Louis Garneau Biogel (Womens) Best Overall Cycling Gloves $46.93
2 Giro Jag (Womens) Best Road Cycling Gloves $16.15
3 Giro Bravo (Womens) Best Close Finger Warm Cycling Glove $29.95
4 Pearl Izumi Cyclone (Womens)   Price not available
5 PEARL IZUMI’s Select (Womens) Most Comfortable Cycling Glove Price not available
6 Endura FS260-Pro Aerogel Mitts (Womens) Best High End Cycling Gloves $37.49
7 GripGrab Aero TT No products found. Best Cycling Gloves for TT (Time Trial) No products found.

1. Best Overall Cycling Glove – Louis Garneau Biogel ($46.93)Mens / Womens

Better range of motion
No sweaty palms

Sizing, we recommend sizing up.

Definitely the best overall cycling gloves. Designed to provide maximum comfort, the Louis Garneau Biogel RX-V gloves are our top pick. Thanks to its innovative design, unlike other gloves, these do not feel stuffy, will not get your hands sweaty and hot, and are an excellent option for all bikers, from beginner to expert.

The perforated palm with Biogel padding and ventilation allow for a better range of movement, thanks to the stretchable materials, which absorb the vibrations and minimizes the pressure on your hands.

Top Features

Its unique biogel technology is by far one of the best in the market, as it allows for cool and adjustable padding that automatically adjusts to your palm and seamlessly accompanies the movement of your hand.

Other features include spandex technology, which offers excellent stretchability and ventilation. On top of that, the air vent evacuates moisture and ventilates to keep your hands cool and avoid sweat.

2. Best Road Cycling Glove – Giro Jag ($16.15) – Mens / Womens

Perfect fit
Sleek aesthetic
True to size

The Velcro is so strong it can be hard to take off
It can get slightly slippery in wet conditions

The phrase “fits like a glove” has never been so right! The Giro Jag gloves for men and Giro Jag’ette for women probably have the best fit. Ergonomic and with a good grip, these pair of gloves are perfect for both road or trail bikers. We can definitely say that these are the best road cycling gloves in the market right now.  

Top Features

The technology of these gloves allows for an ergonomic grip at all times. The strong Velcro protects your wrists from injury. Besides, the gel inserts target areas, thus strategically preventing soreness and pressure. The Giro Jag glove fits perfectly, enabling the fingers to move freely and comfortably. Additionally, the padding offers maximum comfort.

3. Best Closed Finger Warm Cycling Glove – Giro Bravo ($29.95) – Mens / Womens Tessa Gel LF

Gel fits in the right places
Great value for the price
Comfortable, flexible, and breathes well
Touchscreen compatible

It can be very lightly padded for some people

The Giro Bravo and Tessa Gel LF is a gel-padded and comfortable closed finger glove that ensures an ergonomic and comfortable fit at an unbeatable price.

The sleek design is both classic and clean. It is streamlined against the wrist to increase support and made with top-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and prevent sweat. This glove is perfect for riders who want a traditional yet, light padding glove – ideal for cold weather.

Top Features

The Tessa LF provides you with comfort and presents an ergonomic design while providing premium materials at an affordable price. The breathable fabric is light and stays airy as the temperature rises. It’s the perfect choice for riders who want full-finger protection but also the comfort of gel padding. Its highly absorbent microfiber fabric also prevents sweaty hands. It is safe to say that these gloves are the best closed-finger warm cycling gloves on Amazon.

4. Pearl Izumi Cyclone (Price not available) – Mens / Womens

Ideal for harsh climate
True to size
Completely windproof

Not very aesthetic

The Elite Softshell fabric keeps your hands warm, even at very low temperatures. Its soft material can help keep your hands dry, even if you are sweating. The five gel pads across the palms offer cushioning on bumpy roads but are firm enough to keep you in control and provide a good grip.

Top Features

This is one of the most popular cool-weather gloves on the market. Designed with a synthetic leather palm that supports a four-way stretch and breathability. It provides both wind and water protection. The gauntlet overlaps with any jacket to avoid a bare wrist, making it an ideal glove for harsh conditions. 

5. Most Comfortable Cycling Gloves – PEARL IZUMI’s Select Glove (Price not available) – Mens / Womens

Excellent fit
Comfortable padding
Good grip

They’re a bit pricey

The Select Gloves are the most padded cycling gloves in the market and arguably the most comfortable. The high-quality gel foam technology prevents bulkiness while maximizing comfort.

Top Features

High-quality gel foam along with a pad configuration that prevents bulkiness and takes pressure off the hand. These gloves have a synthetic leather palm that is both soft and durable – thus, it is safe to say that these are the most comfortable cycling gloves on Amazon.

6. Best High End Cycling Gloves – Endura FS260-Pro Aerogel Mitts ($37.49) – Mens / Womens

Velcro closure is on the wrist, thus facilitating movements
Good grip, even when slippery
Easy to put on and take off

Not true to size, we recommend sizing up

The FS260-Pro Aerogel Mitts from Endura are excellent for long rides and are incredibly comfortable. Likewise, the molded gel padding absorbs shocks in the palm while providing a solid grip, thanks to its format.


These are the best high-end cycling gloves, thanks to its cutting-edge molded gel padding and silicone grips. Besides, it includes a set of handy finger tabs that allow easy glove removal.

7. Best Cycling Gloves for TT (Time Trial) – GripGrab Aero TT (No products found.)

No products found.

Fits perfectly
Sleek design
Comfortable and light

It’s a bit pricey

The GripGrab Aero TT is a tight-fitting glove with minimal padding, designed to be light and minimalist. Ideal for races and supporting maximum speed, these are undoubtedly the best cycling gloves for TT.

These gloves offer a smooth airflow over your hands and a solid grip. This lightweight glove looks fast, feels fast, and is very comfortable. Fuel your power with these high-performance cycling gloves to maximize aerodynamic benefits.


Now let’s go through some of the most common questions both total beginners and professional cyclists ask themselves when considering buying a new pair of cycling gloves so that you can make an informed decision.

Do I need cycling gloves?

There are many reasons why you should start wearing cycling gloves if you’re planning to start cycling, or if you are already doing it. You should always consider the idea of wearing cycling gloves whenever you’re riding a bike.

This simple accessory has the potential to become the best way to prevent both tingling or numbness our hands normally get when we ride a bike. Therefore, it can protect us from possible injuries. So, if you’re thinking that going out without gloves, think again. These are just as important as a helmet.

What are the benefits of wearing cycling gloves?

1. Provides extra cushioning to reduce the impact we get on the road.
2. Full protection against falls, prevent both scratches and even fractures.
3. Improves handlebar grip, even if you have sweaty palms.
4. Offer comfort on longer trips.
5. It prevents numbness and even nerve complications that can appear from the vibrations of a bumpy road.

With that said, please take care of the health of your hands and avoid discomfort with a good pair of cycling gloves.

Do cycling gloves make a difference?

Of course, it does! If you have an accident or fall down, you can prevent serious injuries, ranging from a simple scratch to a wrist sprain or fracture. Besides, when it’s cold, they protect your hands from freezing, allowing you to have a better ride. And, in summer, it prevents your hands from getting sweaty and, thus, slippery, which can also prevent an accident. Always wear your gloves!

How should a cycling glove fit?

Gloves should feel like a second skin. However, they should not be too tight to the point where it feels restrictive and painful. Similarly, they should not be bigger, as they can fall off and you can lose the grip. All in all, gloves should feel comfortable and fit just right.  

What kind of padding should I have on my cycling gloves?

Cycling gloves’ palms are made of a thicker material, like leather or synthetic leather. This allows for a better grip. Similarly, some models have padded reinforcements, but not all. Still, most provide added protection to prevent injuries. 

Whether you prefer a minimal or a gel padding depends pretty much on your own preferences. While some people choose gel padding, others do so the minimal. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend gel padding to allow maximum comfort.

Whats the difference between half finger/fingerless vs. full/long finger gloves?

The main difference between fingerless and full models lies in both the protection and weather conditions. However, both designs have their own models for hot climates too.

On the one hand, fingerless gloves protect the palms in case of falls and offer greater support. On the other hand, gloves long finger gloves have larger reinforced areas, and they clearly protect the fingers.

Which cycling gloves materials are better and for what?

The biggest difference between various types of cycling gloves lies in the type of cycling you practice and the weather conditions the user has to undergo.

We can say there are three large groups:
1. Light gloves
2. Gloves for hot temperatures
3. Gloves for winter

Although all types of gloves provide extra warmth to your hands, winter cycling gloves are designed to keep your fingers warm even at cold temperatures.

However, these are not suitable for hot weather or for careers. They can cause restrictions to the maneuver in other types of weather conditions. For speed and races, we recommend light minimalist gloves.

Are there different cycling gloves for men and women?

Truth be told, there is no significant difference between men’s and women’s gloves. Thus, there is no particular reason to choose one or the other if your pick is not available for your sex.

What matters the most is the fit. However, whenever available and possible, we still recommend users to stick to theirs, as many brands may have different sizes for men and women.

How do I measure my glove size?

Measuring your glove size is pretty simple, and you can do it easily at home. To do this, simply grab a tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your hand, not including the thumb.
Then make sure to write that number down and proceed to measure the length of your palm. You should measure from the tip of the middle finger to the end of the palm.

Now, compare your measurements (in centimeters) to the following table.

Side to side:
XS 6-7 cm
S 7-8 cm
M 8-9 cm
L: 9-10 cm
XL: 10-11.25 cm

Lenght of the palm:
XS: 17.5-18.8 cm
S: 17.8-19.0 cm
M: 19.0-20.3 cm
L: 20.3-21.6 cm
XL: 21.6 – 23.1 cm

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