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The Best Sunglasses for Triathlon – Updated 2022

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To all triathletes at all levels choosing the right sunglasses is extremely important since they protect one of the most important safety concerns during a race and training, your vision. Because a triathlon competition is likely to take place in any weather conditions, you want to find a pair of sunglasses that help you fight with any elements of the environment. Among several crucial pieces of equipment, the sunglasses are indispensable during running and cycling legs. Check out our comprehensive guide on what are the best triathlon sunglasses.


Top Sunglasses for Triathletes in 2022

1. Tifosi Podium XC Shield
2. goodr OGs
3. Oakley Radar EV Path
4. Bolle 6th Sense
5. Roka SL-1x

Why are sunglasses important for triathletes?

One of the essential benefits of using sunglasses is the ability to deliver UV protection, which is especially crucial for outdoor activities. This is especially important in the summer when a wide range of people enjoys playing games outside. UV rays can cause serious eyes problems while high-end sunglasses can help protect you from these harmful rays.

Another advantage is that sunglasses help to prevent the users from negative elements of surrounding environment. Dust, debris, and wind are all elements when people take part in triathlons. Sunglasses help protect the eye and reduce tearing, scratches, and other visual issues.

Furthermore, high-quality sunglasses can enhance visibility and reduce glare. This provides the possibility of protecting the eyes and controlling brightness as well. As a result, it enables the triathletes to gain peak performance and decrease eyes’ tension and stress without suffering from the glare of the sunshine during a long running or cycling.

How to Choose the Best Triathlon Sunglasses

On the current market, there is a wide range of sunglasses with the different brands, prices, shapes, colors, and functions. The average triathlete may sometimes get lost in all the different features and functions of sunglasses on the market today.


The frame is regularly made from metal, polymer, acetate or nylon while the lens is usually made from acrylic, glass, polyurethane or polycarbonate. Each kind of material is used for a specific function. It’s important to consider the different materials when picking your sunglasses.


For any selection, fit always plays a crucial part in performance improvement. Before purchasing a right model, check out these following tips. The frame should fit perfectly with ears and nose while the eyelashes had better not get in touch with the frame.


Some people may ignore the sunglasses’ weight when buying, but to create a balance and perfect fit you should choose a model which offers an even weight distribution between nose and ears. Additionally, since you will likely be wearing the sunglasses for hours training and racing the weight is a very important consideration.

UV Protection

During a long competition, a large number of harmful UV rays causes serious impacts on the triathletes’ eyes as well as become a distraction. These rays not only affect their eyes condition but also cause an obstruction to their performance. Therefore, remember to research the ability of UV prevention before purchasing sunglasses.

Anti-fog Feature

In fact, fogging caused by sweat may reduce the vision during racing. If you cannot see clearly everything on the road, you are enhancing the danger of hitting a debris or any obstacles. Do not skip this important characteristic if you want to gain peak performance in any weather conditions.

Lens Coverage

You should choose sunglasses with large lenses for optimal surrounding skin and eyes’ protection. The color of a lens has a great effect on light vision and visibility of the users as well. For daily usage and outdoor games, sunglasses with dark colors like green, gray or brown more appropriate than the light-color ones.

If you are struggling to find out the best triathlon sunglasses, keep reading our following review to receive useful tips and suggestions.

Top 5 Best Triathlon Sunglasses for 2022

1. Tifosi Podium XC Shield ($80) – Best Overall Triathlon Sunglasses

$35.69 at Amazon.com
$80 at REI.com

By mixing a shiny frame and a sleek lens design, the Tifosi Podium enables the triathletes to increase their aerodynamics and achieve clear vision and view. Through providing full UV prevention, the sunglasses deliver full protection even with difficult weather. Coming with the model, you can also have a chance to improve the clarity of vision in the cloudy, high or low sun by changing three lens selections. Additionally, controllable rubber details position the glasses perfectly between nose and ears for optimal comfort and convenience.

2. goodr OGs ($25.00) – Best Inexpensive Triathlon Sunglasses

Price not available at Amazon.com
$25 at Goodr.com

goodr sunglasses

The goodr OG is the best overall triathlon sunglasses due to it’s light weight, fog protection, and durability. I personally wear goodr sunglasses specifically for my run and usually wear a hemlet shield for the bike. The simplicity of the goodr’s are the most appealing aspect making the lightweight and pretty low maintenance. The glasses themselves are made of a rubbery material that prevents sliding during sweaty runs and bikes.

The sunglasses and frames come in a bunch of different colors, so you can match them to your triathlon suit or bike, if thats your thing.

goodr sunglasses cases

One of the cons is they do tend to scratch easily. goodr provides a nice soft bag and sturdy box you can keep them in… but if you’re like me the sunglasses usually get tossed in the car and triathlon bag. Also, after using the glasses for a while sometimes the lens comes loose and pop out often, they are easy to put back in but it is a concern. Thankfully for the $25 price point you can pick upa a few sunglasses.

3. Oakley Radar EV Path ($205) – Best High End Triathlon Sunglasses

Price not available at Amazon.com
$205 at Oakley.com

If you are seeking high-quality sunglasses which help you overcome any weather conditions, do not skip an amazing selection from  Oakley Radar EV Path. Although they are engineered with a higher price than some of the models on the current market, the Oakley can benefit you more than you think.

Here you are choosing the right product which well positions on your face whether you are running or cycling, keeps fit with standard profile and provides outstanding coverage without any obstacles or barricades. With this kind of model, the triathletes are more likely to gain peak performance and reach closer to the win.

One crucial feature building their high quality is integrated technologies. Patented technologies include HDO® that lets Oakley sunglasses reach the standards for effect resistance, visual improvement and optimal clarity according to American National Standards Institute.

4. Bolle 6th Sense Sunglasses (199.99) – Best Sunglasses for Cycling

$199 at Amazon.com

For many years, Bolle is the first name bearing in your mind if you think about triathlon sunglasses. Recently, Despite the domination of Oakley on the high-end market, the high quality of 6th Sense makes them very competitive over several models from other companies and brands.

The first notice when you are wearing these sunglasses is the lenses’ flexibility. They are extremely elastic and durable, which is not a big bonus on the biking competition, but if you carelessly sit or stand on them, they are not easily broken.

Furthermore, the anti-fog feature and clarity improvement are outstanding as well. Fogging no longer becomes troubles to the triathletes at both biking and running in any kinds of temperatures. They do not even have foggings after a stop of a long, hard running and cycling, which is a realistic advantage.

Obviously, the comfort you will receive when wearing sunglasses results from the head of ears and shape. Nevertheless, more opportunities for more people to get fit with them are provided by adjustable ability. Although we cannot guarantee 100% this adjustability, we ensure that these triathlon sunglasses can be kept stable on the users’ face,

5. Roka SL-1x ($185) – Most Advanced Triathlon Sunglasses

Price not available at Amazon.com
$185 at Roka.com

These Roka sunglasses features some of the most advanced and cutting edge features on the market today. The frames are made from titanium and the lens are non-polaring and anti-fog. The glasses are feature anti-slip technology that helps prevent them from falling off your face, despite sweat and other liquids. Depsite all of these features, the glasses are amazingly light and after short period I didn’t even realize I was wearing them.


It is undeniable that investing in right triathlon sunglasses not only provides UV protection but can also increase performance. However, there are many sunglasses currently on the market today so it can be a difficult task to find the best triathlon sunglasses for yourself.

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Joe Obringer
Joe Obringer
Joe Obringer is an former collegiate swimmer in the Big Ten.  He has competed in many triathlons, including Half Ironmans.


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