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Swimming Pool Distance Charts For Racing and Training in Miles & Meters

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Triathlon Swim Distances

The swim distances for the various triathlon distances are below. You can also check out our triathlon training programs. If you’re looking for swim gear, check out our top swim goggles, top wetsuits, and top swimskins.

Sprint Triathlon swim distances will vary but the usual distance will be ¼ mile or approximately 500 yards / 400 meters.

Olympic and International Triathlon swim distance is 0.93 miles, which is 1.5km, or approximately 1,700 yards.

Half Ironman Triathlon swim distance is 1.2 miles or approximately 2,000 yards.

Ironman Distance Triathlon swim distance is 2.4 miles or approximately 4,000 yards.

Pool Miles, Yards, and Length Distances

The conversions are below for miles, yards, and lengths. You can also view our swim workouts here.

25 Yard pool (Short Course)

Miles and Triathlon DistanceYardsLengths
 25 yards (from wall to wall)1 length 
 50 yards2 lengths 
 100 yds4 lengths 
¼ mile  (Sprint Distance) about 500 yards  20 lengths
½ mile about 800 yards  32 lengths
1 mile (Olympic Distance) about 1700 yards  68 lengths
1.2 miles (Half Ironman Distance) about 2000 yards  80 lengths
2.4 miles  (Ironman Distance) about 4000 yards  160 lengths

50 Meter Pool (Olympic Size)

Miles and Triathlon DistanceMetersLengths
 50 meters (from wall to wall)1 length 
 100 meters2 lengths 
¼ mile   (Sprint Distance) about 400 meters 8 lengths
½ mile  about 800 meters 16 lengths
1 mile (Olympic Distance) about 1700 meters 30 lengths
1.2 miles  (Half Ironman Distance) about 2000 meters 40 lengths
2.4 miles   (Ironman Distance) about 4000 meters 80 lengths
How many laps in a pool is a mile?

In a 25 yard pool, one mile is 68 lengths or laps of the pool in a 25 yard pool. In Olympic size pools (50 meters), one mile is around 30 lengths or laps.

How many laps is 1.2 miles swimming?

1.2 Miles is the length of the Half Ironman swim distance. In a 25 yard pool, 1.2 miles is around 2000 yards or 80 lengths/maps. In an Olympic size pool it’s around 40 laps/lengths.

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  1. 68 laps in a 25 yard pool? 68 x 25 yards x 3 = 5,100 feet. That’s 180 feet short of a mile (5,280 feet). So 70.4 laps would be a mile.

    Is there something I am missing?

    Rating: 4.11/5. From 9 votes.
    • For whatever reason, wether it’s because of surface tension or not. Swimming a mile in a swim race -not specifically for tri purposes- is 1650, which isn’t accurate math. Haveing swam for some 39+ years I still find it funny and truthfully because I grew up competively swimming I used to get this question wrong in math class. Hope that helps

      Rating: 4.20/5. From 5 votes.
    • Yes. You are mistaking a “lap” for length.
      1 length of the pool is from one wall to the other wall. A lap is starting at one wall touching the other wall and returning to the starting wall. So a mile is 66 lengths / 33 laps in a 25 yard pool.

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  2. I have been swimming 5000 a day,is there any need to pick up the pace. It takes me about an hour and twenty five minutes , no stopping. Thank you. I will be 60 this year.

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  3. I wonder if the person that took the time to write this information, ever saw an Olympic competition. A Lap, is one length of the pool, either it is 25m or 50m. For crying out loud, please ask real swimmers or coaches or officials. Too much misinformation over the internet. Everyone is trying to change things…

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  4. Theo and Jason. Thank you. I swim in a 25 yard pool at my health facility. I keep getting conflicting information on the length vs lap. I’m a 73 year old woman and I swim 40 lengths/20 laps😏, depending on who’s counting. I swim this in 30 continuous minutes, 4 times a week. I started doing this after my hip replacement in October. Just keep swimming.

    Rating: 5.00/5. From 1 vote.
  5. Thanks for sharing, I am also 73 and a competitive swimmer in college. Recently fell going up my stairs in my house & the result was knee munisica tear.
    For rehab, my plan is to swim laps @ my local Y.
    Also participating in American Cancer Challenge for May 2024 ‘ Swim 5 Miles in May’. I swim for myself, my son, & my daughter.All cancer survivors!

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