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11 Best Energy Gels and Chews for Athletes in 2022

Whether training for a marathon or triathlon, you're probably familiar with energy gels and chews. If you feel it's time to step up your game, you cannot go without readily available nutrients to fuel your performance.

Yaktrax Run Traction Cleats 2022 Review

I love running outside, but living in Chicago makes it impossible to safely run outside year round due to snow and ice. Cue the Taktrax run traction cleats.

The 7 Best Triathlon Wetsuits for 2022

Selecting the best triathlon website can be confusing and overwhelming to the triathlon newbie. We review the top 5 triathlon wetsuits and top questions you should consider before buying a wetsuit.

Top Triathlon Cycling Shoes Reviewed – 2022 Guide

Triathlon cycling shoes (or Tri cycling shoes) are similar to other forms of a racing cycling shoe, with automatic binding cleats (clipless) that snap the cyclist’s feet to the pedals.

The Best Cycling Helmet for Triathlons in 2021

Cycling is arguably the most important leg of a triathlon given the amount of time you spend on the bike vs running and swimming, both in training and during an actual race. Ensuring both efficiency and safety should be a significant concern throughout the time.

7 Best Socks for Triathlons – 2022 In Depth Guide

Socks are essential for the running leg and a must for the cycling leg of the triathlon. With the right material, fit, and cushion you can avoid the dreaded blister and keep your feet cool and dry in the worst conditions.

Black Friday Triathlon Deals for 2021 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising...

Cycling Pace Chart and Calculator

Triathlon Biking Distances The biking distances for the various triathlon distances are below. You can also check out our triathlon training programs. Sprint Distance Triathlon Bike – ...

Best Sunscreen for Running, Cycling, Swimming, and Triathletes

Most athletes, such as cyclists, runners, swimmers, and hikers spend a lot of time outdoors, constantly receiving UV radiation from the sun, which can cause a number of skin conditions, including cancer.

Top 7 Cycling Gloves for 2021

Whether you're a beginner or advanced cyclist, it is important to be well-equipped to prevent injuries. Our hands are essential. They support our body, promoting balance, stability, and direction. Besides, our hands are in direct contact with the air, the sun, or the rain, which can produce pain.

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