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9 Top Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

The holidays are here! You have read other articles about how to control your eating habits during these times so why are you reading this article?  Well, you want more support in your journey of not being another weight gain statistic during the holiday season of course! 

Is it possible to not gain weight during the holidays?  Most certainly!  Is it difficult?  Absolutely!  This is the challenge that the holidays present to us from a nutrition standpoint.  Food is social and the food during the holiday season is ever so delicious!

In your quest of maintaining your weight in the upcoming months, I have included nine, what I call, “nutrition nibbles” to help you make beneficial choices during this holiday season. 

1. Consider Portion Control

Really, it is as easy as balancing your personal energy balance equation of calories in versus calories out.  By all means sample new or traditional foods but do so in moderation and exercise control.

2. Move it or gain it

Stated another way…be physically active.  The more you can stay with your set exercise program the better.  If you don’t have one or you are traveling and you will not have equipment, simply take frequent walks with family and friends.  The more the merrier!

3. Reduce Frequency of Eating

During the holidays, reduce the amount of times you eat IF you think you will overindulge in food.

4. Condiment choosing – just say no

Many condiments have many hidden calories.  Enjoy the taste of the food more than what you put on it.

5. Stay hydrated

For purposes other than just being healthy, water can help your brain think that your stomach is full so you may not eat as much during meals.

6. Slow down with 1 plate

Use the one plate rule.  Fill one plate and make one trip to the food table only.  Know your limits before going in and stick to it.

7. Fill your tank ¼ full beforehand.

Sometimes it helps to eat a little something before going to a party so that you do not end up overeating because you are hungry.  It is the same principle as not going to the grocery store when you are hungry.

8. Make a plan

  It’s all about execution! If you know what you are going to do before going to a party, you can execute it much better than not having a plan beforehand.  Make a healthy plan and execute it.

9. Have 3 sticks of gum with you at all times

Chew away temptations! Sometimes, we just need something to chew on so gum is a great alternative if you have already filled up with your one plate.

Of course, the true meaning of holidays is to be with family and friends so enjoy this time more than the food that is served.

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Bob Seebohar, MS, RD, LD/N, CSCS
Bob Seebohar, MS, RD, LD/N, CSCS

Bob Seebohar is a Registered Dietitian specializing in sports nutrition for endurance athletes.  He is also an exercise physiologist and USA Triathlon Certified Level III Elite Coach.  Bob has completed over 100 endurance events including five Ironman races, the Boston Marathon, the Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race and the Leadville 100 mile trail run.  He was also a member of the 1996 US National Duathlon Team and competed in the World Championships in Ferrara, Italy.  He is also the author of the book, “Nutrition Periodization for Endurance Athletes: Taking Sports Nutrition to the Next Level” (Bull Publishing, 2004).

Bob provides sports nutrition consulting and coaching to all ages, types and abilities of endurance athletes. 


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