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41 Best Holiday Gifts for Swimmers

Shopping for swimmers requires a thoughtful approach, considering the unique needs and preferences of individuals who embrace the water. Whether you’re selecting gifts for male or female swimmers, understanding their swimming habits and personal style can lead to choices that enhance their aquatic experiences. Before diving into the best gifts, let’s explore how to shop for swimmers and what to steer clear of.

How to Shop for Swimmers

Know Their Swim Preferences – Determine if the swimmer in your life prefers pool swimming, open water swimming, or both. This knowledge will guide your selection of appropriate gear and accessories.

Check Their Gear Bag – Take a sneaky peak at the swim gear they already own. Swimmers can be particular about their equipment, so finding out what they need or want can help you avoid duplicates.

Consider Their Skill Level – Gifts should align with the swimmer’s proficiency. Beginners might appreciate instructional tools or basic gear, while experienced swimmers may benefit from advanced equipment.

Think About Comfort – Comfort is key in the water. Consider gifts like high-quality swimwear, goggles with a comfortable fit, or accessories that enhance their overall swimming experience.

Sizing Matters – If you’re thinking of gifting swimwear, make sure you know the swimmer’s size. Well-fitting swim gear contributes to both comfort and performance.

What NOT to Buy for Swimmers

Low-Quality Swim Gear – Avoid inexpensive or poorly made swim gear, as it may compromise the swimmer’s experience and even safety.

Non-Swimming Related Items – While thoughtful, gifts unrelated to swimming might not be as appreciated. Stick to items that contribute to their passion for swimming.

Generic Swimwear – Swimwear comes in various styles and functionalities. Avoid generic swimwear and opt for suits designed for specific activities like competitive swimming or water aerobics.

Now, let’s explore the best gifts for both male and female swimmers.

Under $75

1. Zoggs Predator Next Gen Swim Goggle

Zoggs Predator Next Gen Swimming Goggles No Leaking Anti Fog UV Protection Triathlon (Black-Green/Clear)

Amazon: $35.52

These goggles from Zoggs consistently win best on test and this is for good reason – they just work! I use them every week for my swim sessions, and they are comfortable and last for years. A true best buy for pool and open water swimming.

This next generation version has new and improved seals relieve 15% less pressure around the eye for more comfort. New pulley strap system allows for less tension for easier adjustment.

2. Finis Freestyler Paddles

FINIS Adult Freestyler Hand Paddles (Yellow)

Amazon: $25.00

The Finis Freestyler hand paddles improves your body position by streamlining your hand entry and eliminating crossover and designed specifically for freestyle training. Provides added resistance in order to build muscle strength.

The surfboard shape decreases resistance through the water and planes the hand forward, lengthening each stroke. The patented skeg on the bottom of the paddle provides immediate stroke feedback, streamlining and straightening hand entry. They prevent hand entry crossover that can cause shoulder injury.

3. Finis Agility Paddles

FINIS Agility Paddles Floating - High-Quality Swim Paddles for Lap Swimming - Swim Gear for Beginners to Triathlon Athletes - Pool and Swimming Accessories to Improve Speed and Form - Large

Amazon: $24.44

Swim with confidence knowing these Agility Paddles will teach you to apply positive pressure throughout your stroke for better technique. Designed for all levels of swimmers, from people learning to swim to triathletes, these paddles are great for building strength and feel for the water.

These swim paddles provide instant stroke feedback with every lap as the paddle shifts or falls off without proper stroke technique. The versatile paddle design of these swim paddles helps train proper stroke technique for all four strokes, including butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.  A great gift for all swimmers!

4. Speedo Swimming Fins

Speedo unisex adult Swim Training Fins Rubber Short Blade Footwear, Blue/Grey, Medium 6 7 US

Amazon: $31.15

Soft silicone short blade training fins help you develop a stronger, faster flutter kick. Super-soft silicone foot pocket provides extended comfort and secure fit.

5. Swim Snorkel

ARENA Unisex Swim Snorkel Pro III for Adults, Lap Swimming and Training Snorkel, Acid Lime, One Size

Amazon: $33.02

Provides extra breathing training and improves the technique for advanced competitive swimmers looking to add more difficulty to their swim training and workouts.

6. Arena Pull Kick 2-in-1 Kickboard & Pullbuoy for Swim Training

ARENA Pull Kick, Acid Lime/Black, One Size

Amazon: $21.35

This is a kickboard and pull buoy all in one so less to take to the swimming pool. Lightweight and compact with molded hand grips and leg channel which is perfect for all ages and swimming levels. This can work on both your swimming kicking when used as a kick board and the front of your stroke when used as a pull buoy.

7. Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

Amazon: Price not available

This is a simple yet effective swimming training aid which acts like a metronome to help with swim pacing and swim sessions. This device can help you swim faster and more efficiently over time.

Monitor and set stroke rate and tempo; monitor and set pace times for laps/intervals; monitor and set rates using strokes/cycles per minute. Learn more about how to use the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro.

8. TRISWIM Chlorine Out Shampoo & Conditioner Gift Set

TRISWIM Hair Care Gift Set | Chlorine Shampoo and Conditioner for Swimmers, 8.5 fl oz | Paraben-Free with Aloe Vera and Chamomile | Restores Chlorine-Damaged Hair | Includes Body wash & Lotion Samples

Amazon: $33.95

TRISWIM Shampoo & Conditioner work to neutralize and remove Chlorine, Salt Water, hard water deposits, and other chemical odors from your hair with the TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Line. This line of TRISWIM products will leave your hair looking and feeling healthy.

The TRISWIM Shampoo cleans and moisturizes your hair with Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, and ProVitamin B5. The TRISWIM Conditioner is packed with Keratin & Proteins that help build strong healthy, shiny hair.

9. AquaGuard Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner Set + Pre-Swim Hair Defense

AquaGuard Swimmers Essential Hair Protection Bundle | No More Swim Hair | Prevents Chlorine Damage + Softens Hair While Swimming | Made in California | Color Safe, Leaves Hair Smelling Great

Amazon: $39.99

The AquaGuard Hair Care Bundle includes everything you need to keep your hair healthy and protected from chlorine, and salt water!

Have peace of mind in the pool knowing that your hair will stay healthy and vibrant with AquaGuard.

10. TRISWIM Gift Set Value Gift Pack

TRISWIM Gift Set Value Pack of 4 + Mesh Bag Travel Kit Swim Care Chlorine Removal Body Wash + Swimmers Shampoo + Conditioner and Lotion 8.5 fl oz for Hydrated Skin and Healthy Hair

Amazon: $67.95

Make Swimming Pleasurable: Our body wash & lotion is a must-have from our swimmer’s skin care range. Made to help you make the most of your swimming time. It contains our exclusive formula that eliminates pool chemicals, calms itching & moisturizes dry skin.

The gift set includes body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion in a mesh bag.

11. TRISWIM Splash Gift Box Set

TRISWIM Serious Swimmers Splash Box | After Swim Body Wash + Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner + Lotion | Skin Slick Anti-Chafe Spray | Anti-Fog Wipes

Amazon: $79.99

This super gift box from Triswim includes shampoo, conditioner, body lotion plus Foggies legs wipes for goggles and body wash scrubber – a bumper box of swim goodness!

12. Safe Sea Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF50 Anti-Jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion

Safe Sea Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF50 | Clear Mineral Face Sunscreen Without White Cast | Anti-Jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion | Coral Reef Safe | Travel Size - 2Oz (60ml), Pack of 3

Amazon: $44.95

A reef safe sunscreen made for you. Ideal for normal to sensitive skin, this mineral sunscreen uses a premium Zinc Oxide, a gentle sun filter for you and the sea.

Combat UV rays with SPF 50 UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection during sun exposure. Our ocean friendly sunscreen has water-resistant properties for sun protection you can always count on.

Sun protection? Check! Sea lice and jellyfish sting protection? Double check! Our sea safe sunscreen is formulated to offer protection from the sun, sea lice, and jellyfish stings.

With their zinc oxide sunscreen, you get no white cast at all! It’s clear, easy to apply, and suitable for the face and body.

13. Speedo Unisex-Adult Parka Jacket Fleece Lined (Dryrobe)

Speedo Standard Parka Jacket Fleece Lined Colors, 2.0 Team Royal Blue, Large

Amazon: $77.00

Look no further than this colorblock parka to keep you warm on cold practice days in between swim events or after an open water swim. Cozy fleece lining and a water-resistant shell make this lightweight, packable style the only outerwear you need. Cozy fleece lining Water- resistant outer layer Lightweight design 2-way zipper (inside & out) and hooded outer.

14. Wetsuit Changing Mat ‘IslandMat’ Surf Mat & Wetsuit Bag

Wetsuit Changing Mat ‘IslandMat' Surf Mat & Wetsuit Bag CompactFolding 2 IN 1 Design - WATERPROOF 5000X TECHNOLOGY Prevents Water Leaking Inside Your Car & Keep You & Your Surfing Accessories Clean

Amazon: $29.99

Take a leaf out of the surfer’s book and use this wetsuit changing mat and handy carry bag after your open water swim. This will event keep our car dry on the way home!

15. Addidas Classic Sliders

adidas unisex adult Adilette Aqua Slide Sandal, Black/White/Black, 11 Women Men US

Amazon: $24.24

These are a classic for pool and open water swimming and keep your feet safe.

16. Blueseventy Neoprene Swimming Hat

blueseventy Adjustable Thermal Skull Cap (Large)

Amazon: $49.95

Keep your noggin warm when you swim in colder water and enjoy swimming all year round.

17. Synergy Neoprene Boots

Synergy Swim Socks Neoprene Swim Booties (Black, Large)

Amazon: $49.95

Don’t forget your feet and keep them warm when you open water swim with this neoprene booties from synergy.

18. Synergy Neoprene Gloves

Synergy Neoprene Thermal Swim Gloves (Medium, Sports - Black)

Amazon: $49.95

Keep your hands warm on every open water swim.

Under $300

19. FORM Smart Swim Goggles

FORM Smart Swim 1 - Goggles

Amazon: $179.00

This will be a hit with swimmers and triathletes who love their technology. FORM goggles had real-time metrics for triathletes and swimmers, displayed in a customizable transparent display. See time, distance, pace, stroke rate and more.

Onboard sensors capture and record your data for detailed review in the FORM app. The googles include 1-year free trial of HeadCoach which offers in-goggle visual coaching, an in-app assessment of your skills and educational resources to improve your technique. FORM’s revolutionary approach to workouts provides motivating lap-by-lap instructions in your goggles. Choose from 45+ training plans and 1500+ workouts, create your own, or seamlessly import from TrainingPeak. After the trial, continue for only $15/mo.

20. Coros Pace 3 Smart Watch with GPS

COROS PACE 3 Sport Watch GPS, Lightweight and Comfort, 17 Days Battery Life, Dual-Frequency GPS, Heart Rate, Navigation, Sleep Track, Training Plan, Run, Bike, and Ski (Black Nylon)

Amazon: $229.00

This is a great watch for swimmers as it can track your swim session and can even record your heart rate in the water which many smart watches cannot do.

You can also use this for other sports such as cycling, running, rowing, gym sessions and more.

This is a great gift for swimmers and triathletes who want to train well and record their sesisons.

21. ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer

Zen8SwimTrainer.com: $151

Can’t get to the pool to swim? No problem this at home swim trainer is ideal to gain swim strength and improve your technique. The pack includes swim bench, pump and swim cords – ideal for travelling too!

22. Lumi Ice Bath

LumiTherapy.co.uk: $99

Open water swimmers can’t get enough of the feel of cold water on their skin so why not treat them to an at home ice bath? Ice baths have proven to speed up muscle recovery plus great for mental health.

23. TRX Suspension System

H2O Audio SONAR PRO Underwater Streaming Music (PLAYLIST+) Waterproof Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones with MP3 Player - Wireless, Open Ear Waterproof Headset for Swimming, Underwater Activities

Amazon: $159.99

The classic TRX suspension training system is great for swimmers to improve their core strength plus make their swim muscle more robust for more powerful swimming. This is a perfect gift for the swimmer in your life who wants to swim faster and avoid injuries.

Inexpensive Gifts for Swimmers

24. Cressi Anti-Fog Spray for Goggles

Cressi Antifog Spray - 60 ML

Amazon: $9.95

A great accessory for swimming goggles is Cressi anti-fog which keeps the lens clear when swimming. A great gift for pool and open water swimmers.

25. Arena Case For Swimming Goggles

Arena Unisex Swim Goggle Case for Swimming Goggles, Hardcover Protective Carrying Case with Clip, Black/White/Royal

Amazon: $10.47

To keep your goggles in tip top condition and extend their life a goggles case is a great idea. You can also store your anti-fog spray swimming hat and more in there as well.

26. Swimming Ear Plugs

Swimming Ear Plugs Waterproof Earplugs - 3 Pairs Silicone Swim Ear Plugs for Adult Kids, Water Sports Earplugs for Showering, Bathing, Surfing - Keep Ear Water Out.

Amazon: $13.99

Reusable swimming ear plugs come with sound transmission tubes that allow you to hear conversations, alarms, and calls while keeping water out, ensuring your ears stay dry. This pack of 3 is great value.

27. ARENA Unisex Swimming Nose Clip Pro for Men and Women

ARENA Swimming Nose Clip Pro II, Nose Plug for Competitive Swimmers, Soft Pads, PVC Free, Navy/Blue, One Size

Amazon: $16.82

Keep the water out during every swim session.

28. Bodyglide Swimmers Anti-Chafe Balm

Body Glide Original Anti Chafe Balm | Anti Chafing Stick | Prevent Arm, Chest, Butt, Thigh, Ball Chafing & Irritation | Trusted Skin Protection Since 1996 |0.8oz

Amazon: $8.99

Show your swimmer you love them be helping them not chafe as they swim!

29. ChiliTri Bobble Hat

Chilitri.com: $20

No open water swim wardrobe would be complete without a bobble hat. It’s perfect for after a swi when you are drinking a hot drink and chatting with your swim buddies.

Swimmer Gifts for Men

30. Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Brief PowerFlex Eco Solar

Speedo Men's Swimsuit Brief Powerflex Eco Solar, Speedo Black, 34

Amazon: $15.96

From swimming laps to enjoying the beach, this brief is designed to work as hard as you do. Swim with confidence thanks to smooth Lycra Xtra Life fiber construction that offers incredible durability and resistance to bagging, sagging and chemicals.

Built-in sun protection offers UPF 50+ to Block the Burn as you enjoy the water or sand, HIGHLIGHTS Long-lasting Quick-drying No-pinching Custom fit feel UV & UPF 50+ protection Lotion-resistant to prevent slipping 76% Nylon / 24% Spandex.

31. 360 Degrees Swim Jammers

361° Swim Jammers for Men, Pro Racing Training Swimsuit, Chlorine Resistant Endurance Swimming Pants 2XL

Amazon: $24.99

A great alternative to Speedo are jammers from men. Great for swimming and triathlon swim training.

32. Triathlon Wetsuit Buoyancy Shorts

Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit Buoyancy Shorts Men's EpicSpeed Neoprene Shorts for Open Water Swimming (M) Black

Amazon: $149.95

These neoprene shorts aid with hip buoyancy and are a great swimming aid for men. Great for training and triathlon racing.

33. Orca Mens Open Water Swimming Wetsuit

Orca Men's Sonar Wetsuit (11)

Amazon: $349.99

As the most versatile wetsuit in the Orca wetsuit range, it is suited to the technical capabilities and needs of much of the triathlete and swimming community. Designed for the Total Swimmer, it combines buoyancy and flexibility in order to achieve a correct position in the water, improving your hydrodynamics. The Sonar gives you the confidence you need to push a little further.

Gifts for Female Swimmers

34. Speedo Women’s Swimsuit

Speedo Women's Standard Swimsuit One Piece Prolt Super Pro Solid Adult, Black, 38

Amazon: $25.00

Engineered to last through a busy swim season, this technical swimsuit will help you get the most out of each practice session. Durable ProLT fabric provides performance-building compression and reduced recovery time, while a specially designed back features wide straps for ultimate support as you move through the water.

35. Hemp Sustainable Swimsuit

CLEAN CUT, ONE PIECE – NATASHA TONIC – $169 at natashatonic.com

This timeless one-piece swimsuit is designed for the modern woman who appreciates minimalistic style. Details like the exposed back with slim straps, high neckline and symmetric cutouts on the hips were designed to emphasize our most feminine features. Elastin runs through the back and straps for additional support.

36. Orca Sonar Women Triathlon Wetsuit

Orca Women's Sonar Wetsuit (Large)

Amazon: $349.99

With the Sonar you get 30% more buoyancy and it will help you maintain a horizontal and elevated position for longer thanks to the Aerodome technology in the men’s model and the targeted buoyancy, adapted to the shape of a woman’s body, in the women’s version.

37. H2O Audio Sonar PRO Underwater Streaming Music (Playlist+) Waterproof Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones with MP3 Player

H2O Audio SONAR PRO Underwater Streaming Music (PLAYLIST+) Waterproof Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones with MP3 Player - Wireless, Open Ear Waterproof Headset for Swimming, Underwater Activities

Amazon: $159.99

Designed for swimmers so whether you are playing your streaming music from Playlist+ or using the built-in MP3 player, these wireless bone conduction headphones are designed for comfort during swimming laps.

H2O Audio’s bone-conducting headphones will provide the ultimate swimming and water experience. They have over 15 years of experience making premium waterproof products for swimmers with the highest IPX8 waterproof capability.

Manage all you music from your phone. Load up streaming music from Spotify, etc. These waterproof headphones for swimming can seamlessly connect with any Bluetooth device (iOS and Android). Sonar’s underwater wireless Bluetooth range is about 3″ – so they recommend the use of PLAYLST+ to bring your streaming music underwater!

38. Swimmers Sterling Silver Earrings

JXJL Swimming Bracelet for Women, 925 Sterling Silver Swimming Bracelet for Swimming Athletes, Inspiration Gifts Jewelry for Swimming Lovers Women

Amazon: $24.99

39. Swimmers Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Opal Earrings Sterling Silver Swimming Stud Earrings Swim Jewelry Gift for Women Girls Men Swimmers

Amazon: Price not available

40. Swimmers Sterling Silver Pendant

Dorunmo Swim Team Gifts for Girl 925 Sterling Silver Swimming Necklace Dainty Swimming Girl Pendant Just Keep Swimming Jewelry Swim Lover Gifts for Swimmer Girl Women Daughter (with Gift Box)

Amazon: Price not available

41. Swimmers Sterling Silver Goggles Charm

Bling Jewelry Sport Blue Skier Swimmer Swim Eyeglasses Goggles Dangling Bead Fits European Charm Bracelet For Women Teen Enamel .925 Sterling Silver

Amazon: Price not available


Selecting the perfect gift for a swimmer involves considering their preferences, skill level, and the type of swimming they enjoy.

By avoiding common pitfalls and opting for thoughtful and practical items, you can celebrate their love for the water with a gift that enhances their aquatic adventures.

Whether you’re shopping for a male or female swimmer, these ideas are sure to make a splash.

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