Triathlon Product Reviews

The 7 Best Triathlon Wetsuits for 2023

Selecting the best triathlon website can be confusing and overwhelming to the triathlon newbie. We review the top 5 triathlon wetsuits and top questions you should consider before buying a wetsuit.

The Best Cycling Helmet for Triathlons in 2023

Cycling is arguably the most important leg of a triathlon given the amount of time you spend on the bike vs running and swimming, both in training and during an actual race. Ensuring both efficiency and safety should be a significant concern throughout the time.


Which is Better – Road Bike or Triathlon Bike?

When it comes to triathlons, the question of whether to use a road bike or a triathlon time trial (TT) bike is a common...


Running Pace Chart by Race Length

Below you will find the running pace chart. You can choose the mile pace on the left and the time for each distance....